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Calcium Stearate And Its Multiple Uses In The Industry

Calcium Stearate is a metallic salt produced by saponification reaction of Calcium Base and Stearic Acid. It has multiple applications in different production processes varying from lubricants right down to food products. Chemicals are often added to it to enhance or reduce its properties and then applied depending on the end product. It is commercially available in a liquid form with 50% dispersion or in a dry powdered form. Calcium Stearate is commonly used in the food and medical drugs in the form of a stabilizer or emulsifier depending on the product required and the form it needs to take up. Global Trust Enterprises is a general trading company in Dubai that manufacturers and supplies a variety of chemicals in the Middle East and North Africa Region. They provide high quality industrial chemicals including Calcium Stearate which are put to multiple uses as follows:

Calcium Stearate being regarded harmless is generally considered fit for human consumption which is why one of the main uses is in the manufacture of tablets and capsules. In this process, it prevents chemicals from sticking to each other during the production and transportation phases. Calcium Stearate helps prevent chemicals from sticking to the processing equipment when the chemical powders are processed into solid tablets. The same principle applies to processing of food products like candies and other confectionary.
The cement industry often uses Calcium Stearate in the liquid form to prevent secondary efflorescence. This helps in reducing the loss of the solvated salt into the atmosphere due to continuous exposure of cement to air in the atmosphere.
The paper production line also utilizes Calcium Stearate to give paper that semi-matte gloss at a lower cost and also to extend the life of the paper.
Calcium Stearate is used in the manufacture of PVC. It acts as an external lubricant in PVC processing. It promotes fusion and has a reasonable stability to heat.
Calcium Stearate is used as thickening agent for lubricating grease.
Applications in the personal care and pharmaceutical industry include tablet mold release, anti-tack agent, and gelling agent.

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Product Identification:
CAS No.                  : 1592-23
Molecular Weight      :  607.02 g/mole
Molecular Formula    :  C36H70CaO4

Physical and Chemical Properties:
Appearance             :  solid, powder
Colour                     :  white
pH                           :  7 – 9
Density                    :  1.095 g/cc
Solubility                 :  soluble in organic solvents // insoluble in water
Melting Point           :  145-1750C
Ignition Temperature:  4000C
Temperature            :  >3500C

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